Mozilla Researchers Reveal Unknown Facts About Internet

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People in business has been using the internet like something very familiar. But there is much more to the internet than simple familiarity. The recent Cambridge Analytica Breach and the revelations of a security threat by a trusted company has made this familiarity with the internet a little shaky. Entrepreneurs have a lot to watch out for because their hard work and future dreams stay on the internet now like never before. There is always a digital face to everything and this makes everything seem so vulnerable at a time when the business world is rocked with news of Cambridge Analytica and the like.

The researchers at Mozilla, one of the largest company that is famed to make the open source web browser Firefox has come up with a report that has the Internet Health Report in it. The study is elaborate and discusses on the basic features of the website namely security, openness, web literacy and decentralization and digital inclusion. The research mainly explores the overall well-being of the internet.

The researchers said on the subject that “There are some straightforward indicators to watch. Things are getting a bit better in areas like: access, affordability and encryption. And they are getting worse in: censorship, online harassment and energy use. Simple indicators miss the complexity that comes with global ecosystems like the internet.”

The topic of the recent Cambridge Analytica has also been taken up. The Executive Director of Mozilla Mark Surman said in a conversation with PCMag said that the situation is not very feasible for the social media giant. To quote him he said, “Cambridge Analytics took all that data, put it in a database, and connected it to a bunch of other data sets. Then they sold that off as a way to target advertising. It is not so much a data leak so much as it is a nuclear waste spill.”

Entrepreneurs today have crossed the geographical thresholds and carry out business globally. Everything that they do is saved on the internet starting from data to financials to business plans. It is important that these entrepreneurs know and understand what this research by Mozilla says about internet. Keeping themselves up-to-date would naturally keep their businesses thriving.

Here is a look at what Mozilla has to say about the Internet.

1. Google is loved by the Majority:

The research by Mozilla researchers revealed that Chrome has a 64.7 percent of the whole desktop web browser market share and an interestingly high 47.8 percent of the mobile web browser market share.  It is quite natural to expect that almost everyone in the world prefers using Google. The researchers confirmed that a 95 percent of mobile users love to tune to Google while another 87.1 percent of desktop users almost look up everything at Google.

2. Internet to Rise Carbon Emissions Massively:

Yes, you have heard it right! The internet has the potential to increase the Carbon emissions. They have said that by 2025, most tech companies in the world will have created more carbon emissions than most of the countries in the world, except China, India and the United States.

3. The Status of Net Neutrality Abroad:

Net Neutrality has been a very important discussion in the business world.  It has the potential to make or break a business and it is important that entrepreneurs understand what the report has to say about net neutrality.

It is old news that the U.S. recently repealed net neutrality protections. Protections that were earlier put in place in 2015. However there are many countries that do not have net neutrality protections. These countries are Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, India, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, The U.K., Ireland, Tunisia, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

4. The Status of Happiness Online:

The researchers at Mozilla held a study where they conducted with the help of  screen time tracking app ‘Moment’ and the ‘Center for Humane Technology’ about the apps that has the potential to affect people’s moods to the maximum. The research found out that the apps that made most people happy were Sonos, Audible, Headspace and Sleep Cycle. As opposed to popular beliefs, the apps that made people unhappy were Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and Reddit.

5. Safety and privacy as Mozilla Found Out:

The research found out that Eighty-one percent of the most visited sites on the internet uses HTTPS. HTTPS as we all know features encryption. Interestingly the research pointed out that the biggest tech companies are not very serious when it comes to their company privacy policies. The same applies for how they handle user data. It might come as a shocker but Google has topped the list and managed to get a 65 percent from the Ranking Digital Rights’ Corporate Accountability Index.

6. Who Stays Connected?

The research at Mozilla found that there is a huge difference in numbers when it comes to the question as to who has the highest access to the internet.  Interestingly it was found out that about an eighty percent of people in the Europe have a great internet access. This contrasts with the fact that only 20 percent of people in Africa have an internet connection. The research however maintained that in every country in the world except the United States, the number of women online are lesser than the men.

This research throws light on some of the most interesting facts about the internet. Entrepreneurs who are eager to explore more into the subject must go to the official page of the research. This would surely open up many details to the entrepreneur. The internet has taken over our lives completely given that humans now depend for every minute little thing on the internet. Researches like the one by Mozilla helps to keep people stay updated on the technology they believe they know well.

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