Innovations that do not Materialize the Vision

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The technology in business seem to evolve every day. While it is difficult to keep pace it is even more difficult to try and implement that the changes demand from a business. It is old news that entrepreneurs who want to make it really big in the business world struggle with the changes that rock their business foundation the moment they think that they have got it all sorted out. The good news is that although the technological world seem to disrupt the business world even further, entrepreneurs need not rush to make that change possible. There is a huge difference between setting a milestone and the practical implications. Very recently there has been major discussions about possible implementations that would revolutionise the way we work. But because of the lack of popularity this proposal has been seen to be fizzling out. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to know, where you stand when it comes to keeping pace with the technological revolution knocking at your office every day, here is a good news. There are some technological changes that would definitely not happen in the near future. The reason being, the decision does not work out well with some others in the business.

Here is a look at those possible disruptions that would take time to materialise.

1. Possibility of a Collective Workspace:

The Open Office has been a dream come true to many people. There has been an initial popularity at the possibility of working in an open office but this did not materialise. The millennials who tried working in an open office reported that they faced a lot of problem because of the lack of privacy in their work. The open office is surely not going to materialise as the only way to work because of this difference in popularity.

2. The Truth about the Virtual Reality Headsets at Work:

The Virtual Reality Headset made the world seem so much better with the possibility of people being able to work from home just in their pyjamas. Well, that is a far away dream that still has a long time to materialise.  There has been a rise in VR applications ever since its inception but that does not assure that it would be able to replace the quality of a face-to-face business or in-office interaction.

3. The Treadmill Desk:

The treadmill desk possibility had been born out of a workaholic health freak’s dream. There had been this buzz about a possible treadmill desk that would also allow a person to exercise while handling work. Well this is another dream that had more fizz and less substance. This is one thing that is sure not to materialise soon.

4. Alexa is not Threatening:

There has been a clear phase when the business world moved from exuberance to sheer hysteria about robots taking the jobs of humans. There is a possibility of seeing 6 billion AI-connected devices in the business world. The things like Voice and sensor activated meeting scheduling, followed by the automatic temperature adjustments, the responsibility of meeting check-ins and all lunch requests will be made possible through Alexa for Business. These things will definitely change the workplace for the better and Alexa would continue to be popular with the business world. But relax, this would not lead to Alexa stealing jobs from a company. This is a far-fetched possibility and has no chances of materialising.

5. Wearables:

The idea of fashionable wearables had been in the news for quite some time with technological enthusiasts and other important people in business passionately exploring the possibilities. Well, looking at the way things are now there is a long way to go before wearables and fashion meet to work together flawlessly.

6. BlockChain won’t Revolutionise the Business World:

Of all the buzz about technology, Blockchain had been the most discussed. Entrepreneurs everywhere could not stop marvelling at the wonder that is Blockchain. It is needless to say that the Blockchain Technology is worth all the attention. But Blockchain is not the solution to everything. Many of the things said and discussed about Blockchain is all but an exaggeration of the truth. While the world will continue to revere the Blockchain Technology, the business world will definitely not be revolutionised as some Blockchain Technology fans might like to believe.

Technology is something that is loved by all. For people in business the word technology in itself is an ice breaker. People warm up to the possibilities and the ideas that technology comes with. Innovation and Disruptions are always welcome in a way that encourages further developments. What the business world forgets is that all innovations and possible disruptions need to match with the practical aspects of the business world. Moreover, the fact that a few of the entrepreneurs can implement the changes, makes it difficult for the new developments to become mainstream.

Entrepreneurs who struggle to keep pace with the changing business world must understand that it is not possible to implement changes easily. They need not worry about lagging behind, because when it comes to matching a possibility with the practical it takes time. However, an entrepreneur must not do away with all the news on innovation as mere talk. There are innovations that work. Technology that can make life as an entrepreneur easy. Entrepreneurs must also take care that they do not go about trying to accommodate whatever is out there in the market. It is important that they assess what works for them and what does not. While keeping pace with the changing technology is important, it is also important that entrepreneurs do not go for the technology that is out only for trial. This leads to a complete loss of money and time.

While these are some of the technology dreams that won’t materialise there are others that are making their way to the business world. Keep yourselves updated on the latest in technology. This will help you to choose innovation that would take your business to success.




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