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The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift’ – Albert Einstein

Have your employees been doing mundane, routine jobs day-in and day-out? Do you think you need to give them more challenging opportunities? Does the workforce need to move from number crunching to analytical thinking? If you are thinking what technology has to do with this, read on!

Name: Khalid

Designation: Finance manager at a leading FMCG distribution company which has more than 50 outlets.

Important Tasks

His sales guys sell all sorts of products to retail units. Sales targets are fixed for each product by the manufacturer. At the end of the month, when he has to pay out sales incentive to his employee who are more than 500 in number – he has to download sales data from his ERP and match it with the incentive policy and calculate the numbers manually.

If this is not you, then move on!

Name: Samir

Designation: Executive at Insurance Broking Industry.

What does he do?

He and his team members routinely upload customer data onto the insurance company website, wait for approval and then download all of these data once approved. This is then worked on in their ERP before insurance cards are sent out to their customers. He is unhappy as this is a routine job that involves no challenges. He is thinking of quitting.

Name: Rohit

Designation: Senior Manager in a leading banking company

Job Description

He is responsible for the finance & operations processes in the company. He manages a team of 12 people doing journal entry postings, reconciliations, accruals, vendor and client onboarding. His company is rapidly expanding in Middle East. This has resulted in adding more pressure to Rohit. The volume of transactions have increased and his workload is doubled. The customers currently have waiting time for more than a week in order for their account to be created.

If you find yourself in Khalid, Samir or Rohit’s position – RPA will help solve all your problems. Programmed Robots work on customized scheduled tasks 24×7 and accurately to give you efficiencies in work. You can program the BOTs to start a particular task at a stipulated time with the real-time dash boards that augment visibility of task completion.

Are you also thinking of governance issues because of the sensitive data that moves outside of your company’s technology boundaries?

RPA is the solution to it – it is a technology that the company owns, operates, and modifies to suit its needs.


1. What is RPA?

RPA is Robotics Process Automation. It is a technology that uses virtual robots to automate routine processes.

2. Will I have a physical robot working in my office?

No! You will not have a robot sitting next to you at work.  Jobs will be executed by virtual robots called BOTS

3. How do I identify jobs that can be automated?

Any job that is repeatable, rule based and has standard input can be automated.

4. Is there any specific industry which is well suited for automation?

RPA can penetrate across all industries alike. Be it banking, insurance, trading or shipping and logistics – there are a number of processes that can be easily automated.

5. Is it very capital intensive to automate?

No! The return on investment is about a year in almost all industries.

6. How long is the development time for an RPA project?

Typically development time is usually 4 to 12 weeks.

7. What are the benefits of RPA?

Increased governance, efficiency in processes and faster processing time in customer facing operations.

We at GSC are BPR experts. We have helped organizations transform and streamline business processes towards business direction – and we believe Robotics is a key tool in BPR exercise.

Going the RPA way is the direction to a futuristic organization. From RPA stems machine learning which paves the way to creating an Artificial Intelligence backed organization.

To learn more on how to benefit from RPA – do write to us! We’d be happy to hear from you!


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