The Future Belongs to Robotics Process Automation

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Robotics has broken the threshold of the science fiction realm and has actively entered the business world. It seems like it was just yesterday that humans marvelled at the possibility of Robotics and today we have Alexa and Sophia with us. Robotics is no longer a mere scientific fantasy that people can think away. It is very much a part of our businesses and in fact a necessity. The robotics process automation has become indispensable to a business. This has become very popular with entrepreneurs because of the fact that it makes employees very effective and efficient. PwC believes that an approximate 45 % of workplace activities can be automated. There is also this discussion that states that the future would see $3.5billion dollar market in North America.

The business world has already seen how the rise of robotics has changed the C-Suite as we had always known it. Things like CRO or Chief Robotics Officer are already on the rise with the popularity of Robotics. Entrepreneurs who want to thrive in the future of the business world must be aware of the changes that are going to shape the business world.

Here is a look at how the business world will be shaped by Robotics.

1. The Rise of Chiefs in the C-Suite:

The C-Suite in the business world has seen a lot of change. We have seen the rise of CMO or Chief Marketing Officer and CDO which is the Chief Data Officer. The C-Suite is changing and accommodating new roles every year to meet with the new demands of a technological business world. The popularity of automation and its growing needs across companies will bring about a need for someone to supervise the automation dimension of businesses. This would bring about the emergence of the CRO.

There are many entrepreneurs who have already started to accommodate a CRO in their business structure. To give an example Humantics the developer of micro-location systems and  Scorpiox which is a drone-as-a-service platform both has executives in the CRO role. The future would see the large organisations open job opportunities for CROs. The leaders who would show the way would be the small companies who are more flexible and have had an experience with the role.

Robotics automation would naturally change how an organisation and its employees work.

What role would the CRO play?

A CRO can be actively said to be part operations, part HR and part IT. A CRO is a forward thinking strategist who would be charged with spotting automation opportunities while giving employees the training that they would need to adapt effectively. This position will be indispensable in the future with companies resorting to robotics.

2. The Rise of a Retrained and Effective Workforce:

RPA in business will bring a lot more job opportunities. Existing employees will be needed to be re-trained and up-level their skills to perform strategic duties.

There is a lot to explore for the employees who are willing to be proactive and have a collaborative approach towards work. The fact that employees need not be involved in manual jobs any longer opens the possibility of spending more time in strategic and valuable tasks in the organisation. There is a possibility that the smart employees would seek training for the new skills that would shape their work. This will be followed by the company sponsored programs to accommodate the training programs.

3. The Rise of the Employees without College Degrees:

There has always been a skill gap in technology. The savvy employees who think that their data entry roles would be taken by the popularity in Robotics can get specially trained in process automation and be able to manage and optimize the software.

Robotics in automation has brought about the possibility of employees being trained in skilled jobs in a matter of months.  The future will see more resources being available and employees will find it easier to upskill themselves. This will bring in the emergence of the RPA specialists who would fill the skill gaps without having the need to ever go to college or complete a four year degree.

There will be a change in business structure with the automated tasks being allocated to robots while humans get to be involved in tasks that need more insight and human involvement. The world of business will be better with humans being able to explore those dimensions of a business that they could not think to aspire for because of a lack in college degree. The talent that otherwise stays untapped can be used with the changes that are shaping the business world.

The business world is going to change. Entrepreneurs must keep a track of the changes that might affect or shape their business. Every business that wants to thrive in a future where robotics is mainstream in business must try to align their business structure to the change. The creation of new roles and the overall change in company structure are things that they must carefully plan out. The companies that are not able to accommodate new roles or give the required training would lag behind. The companies that has already made preparations for the change would, of course, enjoy the benefits that automation in business would bring about. The world of business has robotics already reshaping the business structure and work culture. The big corporations must not simply wait and watch how far robotics in business would go. It is high time that they make space in their business to accommodate this change. The future will see robotics doing the automated jobs. The companies who accommodate robotics would be powered by skilled employees who would get a chance to upskill their talent. They would also be powered by the skills of robotics in business. The future belongs to those entrepreneurs who are flexible, open, and prepared to include robotics in their business structure. Make way for robotics to seamlessly call your business home and give your business the power to reach success.

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