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The Cambridge Analytica Breach has naturally made the business world look up and take notice of the security threats that it might face. Every business that we now know of has a strong digital presence with many of them using Facebook for marketing and social media promotions.

A Recap of the Breach

Mark Zukerberg’s testimony says that the Cambridge University Researcher Aleksandr Kogan had worked on to create a personality quiz app on the Facebook Platform back in 2013. This app was installed by a number of 300,000 people. This app gave Kogan an access to data of tens of millions of users who were spread across Facebook and had installed the app. However, Zuckerberg insisted that Facebook was unaware of the fact that Kogan has shared any data with Cambridge Analytica until 2015. The company later went on to announce that they had formally deleted all the improperly acquired data.

The firm it has been reported had used the information to build psychological profiles to categorise American Voters. This has however been just a claim and there has not been any evidence that Cambridge Analytica has actually taken steps to delete the data to which Zuckerberg maintained that they have agreed to do a forensic audit by a firm.

The Cambridge Analytica Breach can be said to be one of the most infamous breach so far. Facebook as an organisation is now bound to make some change in its workings. This change would definitely affect people in business who are looking at working using Facebook for social media promotions or anything remotely. In fact entrepreneurs must be aware and be on the lookout of what the future of Facebook may mean to their business.

Here is a look at the plans that Facebook has to prevent future breaching incidents.

1.The company would see an increase of the second hand data protections:

The company has started to implement new ways by which to secure data of users. For example, the company is said to be introducing restrictions on tools like groups and events. They are taking this step to protect the data of other users who might be a member of the group or simply be a person attending an event other than the user logging in. However Facebook has not released any word yet on how these tools will be restricted.

2. There will be a new feature that restricts data permissions for apps:

Mark Zuckerberg has said that Facebook users who has not used an app for three months will not have their data accessed by developers of the app. He also added that users no longer need to grant apps access to their public profiles and friends lists, etc. Providing names, a profile photo and their email addresses would be enough going forward. The company stated that it has already started showing users a list of the apps that they might have used and have included with it ways to revoke the data permissions that they might have provided at the time.

3. Facebook says there will be an Increased Oversight for App Developers:

Facebook says that it plans to introduce more regulations on the back end of the developers and advertisers. The developers would now have to sign contracts that has ‘strict requirements in order to ask anyone for access to their posts or other private data’ before they can go on with their work. Facebook however has not explained what the restrictions would be.

4.There will be an Increased Oversight on Advertisers:

The Facebook Ads would change the way we have always known it. Facebook says that every advertiser who advertises on political issues will now need to be authorised based on their identity and location. The company has also said that it plans to extend the verification to users who seem to manage large pages with lots of people to help prevent viral misinformation.

5. More Political Ad Transparency:

It is quite natural to expect that Facebook would introduce more political ad transparency in their organisation. It is said that the future would see labels being introduced as political or issue ads. It would also highlight who paid for these ads. To top it Facebook also plans to launch a ‘searchable archive’ that would have all the details of the past political ads. The company is also believed to be testing a tool that can shows all the ads that a page on Facebook is running.

6. Facebook will introduce a Quicker Implementation Timeline:

Mark Zuckerberg has said that all the Facebook ad changes will be complete hopefully months before the 2018 elections. He has also said that his company plans to complete the work before the upcoming elections that would take place in India, Pakistan, ­­Mexico and Brazil.

The Cambridge Analytica Breach has surely made the world a little wiser. The implementations of the change would naturally have a lot of impact on people in business who had been earlier relying completely on Facebook without a thought that it can lead their data to be stolen from a platform they trusted so well. There has not been any implementation yet of the promised things but the future surely seems to be a little cautious. The Cambridge Analytica Breach has made Facebook a little more mature and businesses a little more cautious about an online exchange. The online world will be a better place if the new changes are brought about by Facebook. It will bring about a level of security that was earlier missing. It was something that interestingly people did not think it important enough to change. Cyber security has always been a problem in the business world but the fact that a threat could come from a place as secure as Facebook or maybe a place people claimed was secure was something that no one even imagined. We can only hope that the changes that are promised are actually implemented. This would really help the business world to trust Facebook again.


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