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Explore Blockchain with These Powerful Women Influencers

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Blockchain technology is the current favourite in the business world with every entrepreneur gushing about it. Desirable but incomprehensible is how I would like to define Blockchain. Anyone who goes through the founding document behind the technology which is Satoshi Nakamoto’s 2008 paper will understand the ‘why’ behind the word incomprehensible. It contains such mathematical proofs that is sure to baffle the average Bitcoin buyer. The general public of course do not even come near to understanding what the paper is all about.

Why do you need to understand the Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology has penetrated through the business world and entrepreneurs really need to understand it. Entrepreneurs should if not be an expert at least have the ‘know how’ that involves Bitcoin Technology. This is where entrepreneurs need to follow influencers in the market who are experts and can help one to understand all about Blockchain technology in an easy to grasp way.

Women Influencers Entrepreneurs Need to Follow

The advance in technological developments have come with an advancement of girl power. Women entrepreneurs, Women Technology experts, etc. thrive in the business world. The Blockchain Technology allured more women to understand the mechanism and gain an expertise. Here is a list of women influencers following whom one can understand the mechanisms of Blockchain Technology like a piece of cake.

1. Christa Freeland:

Christa Freeland is the Director of Partnerships of Nano Vision. Nano Vision is a healthcare start-up that uses all the advancement in technology like microchips, Cryptocurrency and AI to analyse healthcare research data.  It is Christa Freeland who has built all the key partnerships for the Blockchain and data platforms in the company. Her other feather in the cap includes being the co-founder of Switch Co-work which is a platform that facilitates all the shared co-working spaces. She also works as the managing director of Powershift Group. It is a company that funds and scales tech start-ups.

2. Anna Irrera:

Anna Irrera is the Fintech Correspondent of Reuters. Anna Irrera given her nature of job as a financial reporter is a woman who has a deep understanding of the Blockchain Economy. She educates the common man with her articles on the news and astute analysis of the market.

3. Elena Knysh:

Elena Knysh is the VP of Sales, SolidOpinion. SolidOpinion is an ICO company that uses Blockchain Cryptocurrency to increase customer engagement and allow the placement of content smart ads by advertisers. The whitepaper from SolidOne gives one an idea about the ad space and also news on how Blockchain will play a major role in the business world.

4. Tamara McCleary:

Tamara McCleary is an expert on marketing, branding and of Blockchain. She is also the founder of Thulium which is a successful financial and technological branding firm. Named as one of the Onalytica’s top 50 Blockchain Influencers, she is one woman to follow.

5. Elizabeth Stark:

Elizabeth Stark is the co-founder and CEO of Lightning. This company works for a decentralized and a fast system of Blockchain-based financial transactions. Elizabeth Stark is also a former professor at Yale and Stanford who believes that the decentralization of the Blockchain system is inevitable. Elizabeth Stark with her deep understanding of the whole Blockchain system is one woman following whom can give entrepreneurs a deep insight on the whole Blockchain Technology.

6. Diana Biggs:

Diana Biggs is a woman who has been named twice as the UK’s top fintech influencers by CityAM. CityAM is London’s first free daily newspaper. She works as the industry engagement advisor for the University College London’s Centre for Blockchain Technology. She also works as the HSBC’s head of business model innovation for both UK and Europe.

7. Neha Narula:

Neha Narula is the director of the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab. Neha Narula presently leads the Lab’s research on the new digital currency and all Blockchain Applications. She is a member of the World Economic Forum of the Global Council on Blockchain 2016-2017. The Ted Talk that she delivered on ‘The Future of Money’ is quite informative. She is one woman following whom one can get a deep insight in the workings of the Blockchain Technology.

8. Melten Demirrors:

Melten Demirrors is the director of development working at the blockchain advisory firm named Digital Currency Group. Melten Demirrors is believed to manage a portfolio of a 100 companies. A Blockchain and technology lecturer at MIT and University of Oxford, this is one Blockchain Influencer that entrepreneurs would gain to follow.

9. Imogen Heap:

Imogen Heap is a Grammy winning British artist. The founder of Mycelia which comprises of artist and musician collective she along with her team explores how Blockchain Technology can be used to disrupt the music economy. Their vision is to make musicians avail of fair pay for their work. She also released an album named the Tiny Human on the Blockchain Ethereum.

10. Laura Shin:

Laura Shin is the host of crypto podcasts Unchained. She has formerly been the senior editor of Forbes where she wrote extensively on Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Fintech, Business and Economy stories and personal finance. She was also the co-tech reporter on the Forbes Fintech 50 list.

The Blockchain Technology is one space that entrepreneurs should watch out for.  But it is also important that one follow the correct influencers. Influencers who know their job well and can share with others valuable information. The Blockchain Technology is evolving ever since its conception. There has also been a deep penetration of the technology in the business world. Small and big entrepreneurs alike have a lot to learn to profit from the Bitcoin Technology. Large companies can choose to engage a whole consultant firm which can advise them on the same. Small businesses do not have the capacity to do so. But the importance of Bitcoin remains and small businesses need to have a knowledge base. These small businesses can follow influencers and become well informed on the developments and future of the Bitcoin Technology.


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