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Replace Technology Addiction with Business Success

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Technology addiction has always been blamed to smart phones and other gadgets. The business world is brimming with entrepreneurs who want to get off the technology addiction that is affecting their productivity but are unable to do so given that firstly they need to be logged in for business reasons and this very reason leads them to be very addicted to the online platforms. But everything has two sides to a story and so do there is another side to the story of smart phones addiction. Smart phones have been at the receiving end of all the addiction stories, but these smart gadgets can be used to reverse the same and help entrepreneurs to increase their productivity and efficiency in business. Here is what as an addicted entrepreneur you can do to make your smart phone work for you rather than the other way around.

1. Set Daily Technology Limitations in your Smartphone:

Entrepreneurs who are addicted to smart phones realise that their addiction to a platform can really affect the efficiency of the business hours. Two three hours of a working day simply browsing through various platforms for reasons that are best understood to the individual eats up a lot of precious business hours. Maybe you could have signed a deal, caught up on that meeting or simply finished worked early.

All these important things are naturally put aside to itch the smartphone addiction in an entrepreneur.

This is where setting the limit for technology usage in business hours can help. You can maybe limit your usage to just checking your phone for ten minutes every three hours or so. Inform people who work with you to connect over only phones for the period. Keeping yourself free from gadget usage will help you focus more on the work at hand and save enormous amount of productive time.

2. Use the Phone Like a Phone:

The main reason why many entrepreneurs get addicted to the smart phone platforms is because they do not treat their phone just as a phone. They use it as an extension of their existence. This is what makes one addicted in the first place. It is to be noted that if you use the phone like a phone then you can gain a lot out of it.

For example as an entrepreneur you must be having a lot of things to do. The important things you remember but some other things that you might gain a lot from addressing you might forget. Maybe you had that important phone call to make to that business colleague who has made a great deal but somehow you forgot all about it. That one phone call would have gained you a business relation that you can rely on for future business.  It could have led to a partnership that can carve the path to success for you. The fact that you forgot to call up would naturally take this opportunity to another person. Being an entrepreneur needs you to be very particular about the little as well as the very big things. It is not humanely possible to keep everything in mind. It is best that you use your smart phone to remember things for you.

Create a folder of all the important things that matter to you and set reminders for you. You can make this habit to penetrate through all the spheres of your life and not business alone.  Being an entrepreneur you might also tend to overlook things like health, etc. Using your smartphone to save to do lists and set reminders would help you manage your responsibilities well.  When you are aware of the work that you are scheduled to do you will naturally log out of the addictive platforms and keep yourself engaged.

3. Replace Notification with Reminders:

Notifications are distracting. You are naturally tuned to address whatever notification your smart phone gives. This works a lot at making you unproductive and engage in things and discussions and sometimes even online activities that can wait. It is important that you replace your notifications with the reminders.

You can easily choose notifications to stop while you activate your reminder tone. This will help you to stay focused on the things that really need your attention. It can also help you to increase your productivity to a very high level.

The use of Siri and Google Assistant can go a long way to help you with your reminders. The voice of these assistants would help you to follow your reminders and get used to it easily. It is not easy to set and start using reminders if you are not in the habit of it. You can start small by maybe starting off with one reminder at a time and then moving on to using reminders on a regular basis.

Technology can be used or misused. We can make it serve us or make the habit of being addicted to it. The choice is ours. Entrepreneurs who are in the habit of spending too much time on technology must make use of the above tips to help them out of the habit. An addiction to technology can cost you way more than you think. You can lose the opportunity of making a great business contact, you can lose a lot of business hours by spending useless hours simply browsing or you may run a lot late than your efficient entrepreneur colleagues. The addiction on smart phones also makes a person less smart. This in no way helps an entrepreneur who needs to be armed with sharp focus and decisions to make his/her business a success. It is important that you remember to keep your mind sharp, focus strong and keep pace with your competition. Technology addiction cannot help you to maintain that. Give yourself the power to use technology the way you are designed to and see how success follows your business. Empower your position with productivity and efficiency and help your business to replace technology addiction with success.



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