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Technology Giants Address the Technology Addiction Issue

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Tech Addiction is a very serious problem and if you still think that it is something that you can simply wish it away, well it is not! The seriousness of this problem can be understood when one sees that companies like Facebook, Google and Apple have come together to fight the problem of Tech Addiction. They have joined hands with the anti-tech coalition called the Center for Humane Technology.

Technology addiction has affected entrepreneurs worldwide from giving out their best. ‘The truth about Tech’ is a campaign run by the coalition that informs parents, teachers and students on the whole about the harmful effects of technology. Anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation are some of the effects that technology has on people at large. This campaign works to highlight the problem areas that technology has on an individual.

Who are the people behind this Center for Humane Technology?

It is important to note that the people behind the Center for Humane Technology are those who has had a deep involvement with the technology giants themselves.

Tristan Harris is the executive director and co-founder of the organisation. He has worked as the former design ethicist at Google. Some other noteworthy people who form the advisors and supporters of the group include Facebook investor Roger McNamee, former Google and Apple communications executive namely Lynn Fox and also former Facebook executive Dave Morin and Sandy Parakilas. The Lyft president John Zimmer and Asana co-founder Justin Rosentein who is also famed to have created Facebook’s Like button are members.

As the name suggests the coalition aims at Humane Design. It actively calls device-makers like Apple, Samsung and social app companies like Facebook and Snapchat to redesign the products and services in a way that would help people to “protect our minds from constant distractions, minimize screen time, protect our time in relationships, and replace the App Store marketplace of apps competing for usage with a marketplace of tools competing to benefit our lives and society.”

If one looks at the coalition’s website one can see the following written on it.

“Our society is being hijacked by technology. What began as a race to monetize our attention is now eroding the pillars of our society: mental health, democracy, social relationships, and our children.”

This clearly shows what the coalition aims at removing and establishing. Needless to say, it recognises the effects that technology has on humans and tries to minimise and control the same.

The fact that the group also has an anti-tech addiction lobby makes the effort even more interesting. However the main focus of the coalition remains “The Truth about Tech” ad campaign. The center is partnering with the non-profit media watchdog like the Common Sense Media. To quote the CEO of Common Sense Media, he said that the campaign is modelled on the anti-smoking campaigns and focuses mostly on its customers.

It is great to know that the Center of Humane Technology is ready to control the power that tech giants on humanity and address the dangers that addictive technology might have on people. The fact that people in position of power and involvement in these technological giants have come up to solve the problems that technology shows the enormity of the situation and their matured handling of the same.

It is old news that ex-Facebook president Sean Parker has openly said last November that Facebook was engineered to exploit a vulnerability in human psychology. There was also this news of two major shareholders and activist investor Jana Partners LLC and the California State Teacher’s Retirement System that sent a letter to the company where it asked it to study the iPhone addiction in children. It is needless to say that the iPhone addiction I children is growing and it can lead to a slowdown of profits for the company. The study has resulted in the proposal of new parental controls for iOS devices.

This is just the beginning of how the world is starting to manage the technology addiction that has started to affect humanity as a whole. The first federal study of internet addiction is already underway. This study has been taken up by the National Institute of Health (NIH) to examie whether Tech Addiction should be officially listed as a mental disorder.

Given this scenario and the many more to come, the tech companies all over are going to be examined perfectly before the world decides to launch something it has proposed. The business world at large must be careful about what they bring to the technology table. People understand how technology affects them and the threats of addiction are clear. The future will belong to those technology companies who focus on bringing products that are high end and technologically advanced but also has with it the element of human well-being.

This a great change that has started in the business world. Tech companies will no longer be immune to an examination because it talks of high end technology. The world is eager to protect humans from the damage that technology brings to a humans mind. It is not something that can be taken lightly any longer. Entrepreneurs who are in the technology game must make sure that they back their products not with something that would make addicts out of normal human beings. Products that encourage and make use of the vulnerability of the human mind would surely be not gain sales in the future. The world has started to understand how technology has impaired a human’s potential and anything that works towards that would only be discarded. The future of technology would accommodate only those technology that empowers the human element in a person. Tech entrepreneurs must shape their technology according what the future would hold. This would also help to bring the world back to a state where humans are not mere slaves of technology but have a control over what works and what does not for their good. The future of technology seem to be going the correct way.

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