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12 Essential Apps That Can Make You More Productive

8Fingerprint Gestures
Almost every handset comes with a fingerprint sensor nowadays. A fingerprint sensor is great for unlocking the phone and making secure payments, but now we can also use it to launch apps, play/pause songs and put the phone to sleep. The Fingerprint Gestures app developed by SuperThomasLab can configure tapping, double-tapping, and swiping on the device’s fingerprint reader to perform a variety of functions like toggling the notifications panel, accessing the quick settings, media controls, and even turning on the flashlight. All you need is Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and (of course) the fingerprint scanner.

Pocket is a useful, read-it-later app that allows you to save articles and videos that you’d like to read and watch later at a more convenient time. It is a short-term bookmarking app that can sync across all your devices so that you can come back to it whenever you like, even if you’re offline. It has a clean, easy-to-read layout where you can customize the article for better readability, add multiple tags for filing purposes, and archive it once viewed so that it doesn’t clutter your main page.

Perhaps the most loved-about feature of Pocket is its open API, which makes it possible for a host of other mobile and desktop applications to integrate their services and share the links directly to the app.

Learning should be free and fun; and SoloLearn is a testament to that line of thought. It is the fastest-growing community of code learners who’d like to learn the basics of coding or advance their skills. With SoloLearn, you can learn programming concepts through short video tutorials followed by fun quizzes. You can update the score on your leader board, reach new levels, master new skills, and keep on practicing for better results.

The learning app also has a community of users who help you in your lessons and once confident, you can challenge yourself by competing with other learners throughout the world.

ConvertIt! is an intuitive unit converter app that converts 1400+ units from more than 90 categories. You can calculate currency rates, distance, temperature, area, time, volume or capacity and more. The currency rates conversion settings are particularly helpful for tourists and people travelling for business to other countries, especially because it is updated on an hourly basis and you get the latest information at all times.

The app has a practical Copy-Conversion feature that converts and calculates any value copied from any other app/website. Apart from the fact that you can create your own list of Favorite units, the app intuitively lists your most used conversion units on your home page thus making it easier to access and one of the most useful apps out there in the web.

Insightly is an affordable and efficient customer relationship management (CRM) app that helps small to medium-sized businesses manage customers efficiently. You can use it to manage contacts at every stage of business, organize sales opportunities, create and monitor sales leads, create to-do lists and checklists, and more. Insightly helps you organize and access all your business info just at the tip of your finger. It helps you and your team members remain updated with the latest customer projects, minimize any gap in communication, improve customer relationship and create an effective and streamlined course of work that results in an increase in sales and productivity.

Periscope is a live streaming app that lets you broadcast and explore the world through audio and video sessions from anywhere in the globe. It is an amazing tool through which you can engage your audience and make it a lively interactive session among your broadcasting group. Once your broadcast is over, people can view them for up to 24 hours after which they’d get deleted from Periscope. You can, however, save the broadcast to your mobile phone and publish and share it online to get more views and feedback.

Periscope is not just any social app, you can use it to improve your speaking skills, pitch an idea, report an event, spread awareness and create connections sharing a common passion.

With life becoming easier & work digitized, Strava is the perfect app for you to keep yourself healthy and athletic. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Strava strives to bring the runners and cyclists together on a social platform, where you can record your activity like distance, pace, elevation, calories burned or gained etc., participate in monthly challenges to push yourself, take part in friendly competitions, and share notes and analysis.

Strava uses GPS for recording activities; so you need to have a good network for the GPS tracking to work on your phone. You can install it in your GPS-activated watches, fitness trackers and cycling computers for accessibility. You can also pair it with a heart rate monitor for additional performance data.

RescueTime app is an ideal time management app that helps you find your work-life balance. It helps you understand and analyze your daily habits so that you can focus on your priorities and be productive.

Once you download RescueTime, the app runs securely in the background of your latop or computer and tracks the time spent on applications and websites so that it can analyze and tell you exactly how you spent your time. It gives you detailed reports and analysis based on your daily activity, so that you can block or set alerts for specific applications and websites if required. It even has the option to flag milestones and achievements that you might have set for yourself thus inspiring you and your teammates to do more.

Trello is a visual collaborative and project management app that lets you work and schedule your activities in a fun way. It utilizes visual mediums like boards, lists, and cards that enable you to prioritize and organize your work in a much more creative, and flexible way. It is a lightweight app that doesn’t slow down your phone but includes most features available in the much more advanced ones.

Trello follows a Kanban style of management where the users need to drag cards to a board to mention the status of a project. Cards indicate specific tasks and boards indicate projects that might be completed, ongoing or even outstanding. Trello has a free subscription but you can also opt for the professional package if you enjoy using it.

CamCard is a unique business card reader app that eliminates the need to carry physical cards or any hardware to scan cards. Simple to use, it just needs your phone’s camera to capture the information on the card.

Though a mobile app, CamCard has all the major features of a traditional business card scanner. It extracts the information from the business card, creates a contact in the program and files it in a format that is easy to search for later or send to another application. The app is synchronized across smartphones, tablets and the web, all of which are accessible in real-time. You can even exchange card details through this app and contribute to the environment by going paperless.languages. You also get access to its vast and enriching community of 45+ million users, and native speakers with whom you can practice your language skills.

Slack is a messa ging app for the workplace that brings all your online communication together in one place. It offers real-time messaging and archiving, and is an excellent communication tool with a rich collection of settings and options.

You can create channels that include a specific set of people contributing only to a particular project or task. You can send private messages to individuals or a small set of people for more on-point conversations. You can also switch from texting to calling by audio or video-calling the individual or team for a more direct approach. You can also drop your PDFs and files in the app and share with anyone you want. Because of the efficient indexing of the file, Slack can even search your ancient files from the deep caverns of the archived folders.languages. You also get access to its vast and enriching community of 45+ million users, and native speakers with whom you can practice your language skills.

Evernote is an organizer app where you can write down your notes, create to-do lists, save links to interesting articles and ideas that you find on the internet, and set reminders. You can take notes in a variety of formats like text, sketches, audio, video, PDFs, and even web clippings. You can easily scan articles through the phone camera and include your comments on relevant articles, business cards, and things of interest. You can also create checklists and to-do lists for events like holidays, weddings and birthday parties.

Evernote also helps you work as a team where all the members of the team can brainstorm and jot down their creative ideas and share the same documents. It’s an ideal app for maximizing your productivity and increasing efficiency, be it education, work, or at leisure.

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